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On Fire Rising and Faded in Indyra Originals

It may seem strange that I would be so moved by One Billion Rising when I “own” a submissive female in SL.  The concept of it may seem to go against the very whole of what One Billion Rising is supposed to stand for.  And I feel compelled to explain here in my personal space as I show you an empowering outfit newly released at Indyra Originals called Faded.

Indyra 2

Faded is a smart outfit that is very affordable and comes with all of the colors for one low price.  I love it when designers do that because sometimes it’s very hard to choose which color you feel like wearing just looking at the vendors.  Am I in a pink mood, or an aqua mood?  The two colors are very different from one another, but equally nice.

Indyra 3

So back to what I started this post with.  When I heard about One Billion Rising in SL, it was late and only some days right before the event.  I’d been introduced to Joonie Jatho by my bestfriend Summer Deadlight and she was working tirelessly on the event, one of the many beautiful souls who were involved with setting this touching real life event up inside of SL too and making it happen.  Joonie and I instantly clicked and I near begged to be given a banner that I could put up on my feeds to help advertise the quickly approaching February 14th date.  I’ve read that there is some controversy surrounding whether or not One Billion Rising in SL actually helped anything for abused women.  Some say that raising awareness by doing a dance party does nothing to help the issue.  But I’m not so sure about that.  It’s about feeling good to be female, being proud of who we are, even those things that traditionally add to making us victims and making us feel as if the violence against us was some fault of our own.  Because if you can change the mindset of females who feel like they are not empowered, and start to empower them, the cycle of violence could start to change.  We don’t have to apologize for being pretty, sexy, feminine, or gentler.  It doesn’t make us less important to what keeps the world going round.  This accepted misogyny that seems to exist in so many facets of our lives is disheartening and it can only change one person at a time.  I do feel awareness campaigns are helpful.

Indyra 1

Faded comes with cool sunglasses hanging from a long tank top.  There’s an option to wear a version of the tank that has a shadow for the shades or one that’s plain white if you want to wear the shades on your face instead.  Such a nice touch to add!  The bag I’m holding in the photo above is from Amarelo Manga, the Crocodile Bag in white.  I’m feeling especially pretty here with makeup accents from cheLLe to accentuate the beautiful CandyDoll Lorena skin that I picked up back during Libra Zodiac.  I am pimping my pump with Gos point platforms and loving it!

Indyra 6

I’m not as distracted as I seem.  Back to what I started out saying.  I wasn’t able to be inworld on February 14th so I missed the wonderful, wonderful event that took place but I’m still so moved by it and I feel empowered even though I wasn’t there.  We are mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, cousins, and nieces, and we should never be subjected to violence, emotional or physical.  So how can I “own” a girl in SL and say this with a straight face, you might be asking?  I can honestly say that I have never held any one more dear, or in more esteem, than I hold my wife in Second Life.  Though our relationship is classified as a D/s relationship, there is nothing at all abusive about it.  There is no force and in fact the opposite.  It is a loving relationship in which we fulfill for one another deep-seated needs that we both have for reasons that go far, far deeper than kinky sex.  Not that we don’t seriously enjoy kinky sex, because we do, but I must say that I feel my flame is the most beautiful, intelligent, wondrous creature on the face of the planet.  I would never dream of hurting her, in any way….ever.  What she gets from me is what she craves getting from me.  It isn’t a game that we play, our feelings are real.  We are real.  We just happen to meet inside of a virtual world to keep in contact since we live in different cities.  I freely say that though I stand over her in pictures and she chooses to kneel at my feet, there’s no doubt who the stronger one is of the two of us.  Hands down, she wins.

Indyra 5

While I was taking these pictures, I kept stopping to dance to Alicia Keys’ Girl on Fire increasing that empowered feeling I was having.  Smart in Indyra Original’s Faded, on fire, and rising higher still.  Break the chain, one person at a time.


I am wearing:

Pants suit with optional sunglasses:  Indyra Originals – Faded in Pink and Aqua

Shoes: Gos – Pimp Your Pump V3 Point Platforms

Hair:  CaTwA – Amanda in Blood and DeLa Mesh Hair Carly

Skin:  CandyDoll – Lorena Cream

Eyeshadow:  cheLLe – Bohemian Beauty Undereye eyeshadows in pink and green

Lipstick and Blush – cheLLe – Big Night Out II Blush and Gloss in Bloom and Velvet

Mole: {.essences.} – Upper Lip Mole

Eyelashes: Redgrave – Showgirl

Eyes:  Glam Affair – Stella Eyes v2 Eva

Nails:  Bamboo Nails – Satin Gold

Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer Jewelry – Tokyo Tears in orange

Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer Jewelry – Valencia

White Bag:  Amarelo Manga – Crocodile Bag in white

Green purse:  Amarelo Manga – Handbag Luxury [Grayed Jade]

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