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Starstruck at Sascha’s

I should have been cold because one of the skirts that comes with Starstruck has very soft, layered fabric that doesn’t cover the lower portion of the legs (which is nice for showing off gorgeous Redgrave color-changing sandal heels in the snow).  I also neglected to put on the optional gloves because I love my nails so my arms were exposed!

Alianna Logan in SAS Starstruck

I’m slightly rebellious when it comes to wearing the shoulder portions of many gowns but that builds suspense for you when you go to Sascha’s seeking a very pretty Winter gown with fun options to play around with!  There is  a flamboyant shoulder wrap and also a very cute throat bow that can be worn with Starstruck in place of a necklace.  But I chose to wear EarthStone’s Laraine jewels with this beautiful wintery white gown.  The neck pieces wouldn’t have gotten along with my wispy, shoulder-hanging Truth ponytail but shorter hair dos would work beautifully!

I know the lighting is strange on these photos but I was enchanted with the way it muted the landscape when I tried it out so I kept snapping pictures.  I’m particularly fond of the wind mill in the background of the photo above.  I was standing across the way from the roleplaying area of the medieval fantasy sim, Avilion.  The poses are from Flowey.

Then I decided to add the boob crunchies accessory that comes with Starstruck and put on the lovely, heavy skirt with a long train for caressing the snow behind me.  I was a little warmer then.  Notice the star that is sprinkled with swirling dust across the bodice?  Thus the reason for the name of the gown.  There’s more of those pretty stars on the train.

Lower body muscles are used to wear this gown, but it’s most fitting for one of those very special occasions where you must stand out in the crowd and need to make a big impression or entrance like a blushing bride.  All I really need is a bit of lace on top of my head and I could pass for a bride in Starstruck’s train version of the skirt.

Starstruck 4

There’s more to see at Sascha’s Designs.  I hope you like my interpretation of the way this beautiful gown can be worn.  Happy shopping and a very happy new year!


I am wearing:

Gown:  Sascha’s Designs – SAS Starstruck in White

Hair: Truth Hair – Cheyenne Night

Necklace, Earrings, & Bracelet:  EarthStones – Laraine Diamond Platinum

Skin:  PXL- Faith Tan

Lipstick:  Glamorize Today Makeup Lips 10

Shoes:  Redgrave – Nikki Color-changing

Eyelashes:  Redgrave – Eyelashes 32 CandyDoll

Nails:  MStyle Long Rounded Nails

Poses:  Flowey & Glitterati

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