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Mystique Bamboo and Vonn Deux That Rhymes

Isn’t “Mystique” by it’s very nature an interesting name that makes you a little curious about what it is?  Even if you’re not curious, I’m going to show you what it is anyway! It’s not brand-spanking new because I’m the grid’s slowest blogger, but it is close to brand-spanking new.  Gwen Carillon became inspired to create a gown and lingerie combination that is perfect for the dark princess in us all (well, except straight men).  It is all dark, but it is dark in layers which is quite intriguing!  I’ll explain.


You can wear Mystique with or without a corset.  The gown itself is black with lace embroidery and then you can cinch your waist with a gorgeous ruffled corset.  I’ll admit that it will be hard to see the wonderful detail on Gwen’s textures because of my wanting dark pictures and not being the greatest of photographers, but hopefully you can see them well enough to know that the gown is simply stunning.

Mystique 4

The skirt is whispering soft and it moves around the legs with a combination of lace, netting, and sheer fabrics that give glimpses of leg and things that sparkle subtly in its depths.  Don’t we love it when the eyes of others are drawn to search our skirts?  Alright, maybe that’s just me!  Below is a look at the Mystique bustier with delicate lace panty.

Mystique 3

I have determined that I get attached to certain items and then never want to take them off…literally.  One of those things is my lower tummy tattoo that I’ve been wearing for so many years from Aitui that I’ve stopped saying where to get it because I don’t think it’s on sale any longer.  I feel bare without my tattoo.  I still love it as much as I did when I first found it.  I’m also attached to my {.essences.} Upper Lip Mole and have been inseparable with my MStyle Long Rounded Nails.  But I’ve actually taken off my favorite nails to show you some new nails that I really like too from Bamboo Nails!

Mystique 5

The Bamboo Nails hud is so easy to use, I really like it.  Simple but has all the features like hand size, paint color, and even length.  That’s what I like the most because super long nails suit my personality but the hud gives the option of having normal nails also.  I’m wearing recent December releases from the Dark Start and Darker Start set in these pictures.  I didn’t put on the nail gloves to help cover up my cuticle area but there are many shades available to help with that as well. I’m giving Bamboo Nails two dark princessy-thumbs up!

Mystique 2

I felt that Zibska’s new 60L Vonn Deux in Coal was the perfect edgy accent for this gown.  I believe you can still pick it up until Monday (uh don’t quote me on that day – just hurry and go get) to receive the color-changing version of Vonn Deux when it’s released for free!  I finally made my way to The Arcade at the urging of my delightful best friend, Summer Deadlight, and found this very pale skin that shows off dark clothing and jewelry superbly in Glam Affair’s gacha machine called Renee for a mere 125L.  That was such a run-on sentence.  I know, I know but I’m not changing it.  The Arcade gacha event is about to close for this month’s items on the 31st, go check it out if you’ve time and haven’t been yet!


I am wearing:

Gown and Lingerie:  Gwen Carillon Designs – GCD Mystique

Necklace and Earrings: Zibska – Vonn Deux in Coal

Nails: Bamboo Nails – Dark Start and Darker Start

Skin:  Glam Affair @ The Arcade – Renee Sinless 02

Hair:  CaTwA Hair – Britney/Night

Eyes: Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eyes Grey Shadow

Dark Eyelashes:  Redgrave – Eyelashes – 12 – Catwalk

White Eyelashes: glow Studio – Rhapsody Eyelashes Glow Special

Lip Gloss: Beauty Killer – Sticky Kiss Glosses in Black Night and Bloody Mary

Poses:  PosTyle Poses

You can’t see them in the photos, but I’m wearing new Cristabel Pumps in Black with Stones from Styles by Danielle.

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