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Sometimes things happen in our virtual lives that are beyond our control.  And then there are the fortunate things that we can control.  There have been many things said about me during the six years I’ve been a resident of Second Life; some of it true and some of it not at all true.  You can’t always believe what one person says about another because how do you know if that person has an agenda or not?    Sometimes it really is better to get the story straight from the horse’s mouth even when it appears that horse doesn’t wanna talk.


Partners Alon Alphaville & Alianna Logan

Am I calling myself a horse?  Well, no not exactly!  But I hope to have gotten even the smallest of points across.  I am very proud to officially announce my business partnership with Alon Alphaville, former owner of the Fashion in Pixels fashion feed.  With the loss of several key feeds, Fashion in Pixels included, Alon has joined forces with me to help turn themed BloggingSL, DesigningSL, and HuntingSL into three informative, entertaining, and genuinely helpful feeds for SL residents.

It will take time to build them, but one thing that can be said about both Alon and myself (aside from our oft-times messy or scandalous individual personal lives) is that we take our business endeavors inside of Second Life very seriously.  We are both dedicated to building the feeds and having them become staples that help the SL economy, not only fashion but almost all areas where the exchange of lindens, information, and products or services take place with a heavy focus on assisting newcomers to Second Life.  The only way to figure out you want to buy something or attend something is to know that the something exists in the first place.  Blogs are hugely important to that process and multiple feeds are needed to get the information out there.  What you don’t see on one feed, you might see on another.

In the pictures above we are visiting the Sanity Falls game hosted on Hoshi Island and created by MadPea Productions.  It is an intriguing psychological thriller where “you will become Alexander Blackwell, a well-known psychologist, who’s burnt out due to the excessive amount of work he’s been doing lately. He came to Sanity Falls for a holiday with his wife, Livea to recharge his batteries and find happiness and feel something in his life again.”  Things apparently go horribly wrong for Alexander Blackwell (you) and the wife Livea is kidnapped.  You must immerse yourself in the environment to save your kidnapped wife.  The textures are fantastic and serve to get you right into the mood for roleplaying.  You can find out more information about this interesting game on this website.

I’ve included information below about what Alon is wearing (without the slurl’s) but better info can be found on his blog, Fashion By Double A, once he’s had a chance to post it up for you!  As for me, I’m wearing an adorable,  new dress by Carisma Creations called Bloom and new Bowie heels by Fashionably Dead in Glitter Black.  Some of the items I’m wearing in this post, like new WoW Skins Alessandra I picked up at the discount shopping location, Best Designer’s Exile.  Check it out!


I am wearing:

Dress: Carisma Bloom Dress Lipstick

Skin: .::WoW Skins::. Alessandra CL (BDE)

Hair: Truth Gianna 2 – Night

Tights: Izzie’s Patterned Tights – Giraffe

Shoes: Fashionably Dead Bowie Heels – Glitter Black

Makeup: *elymode* makeup – spring mix – hydrangea b

Eyes: Orage Creations - Showgirl Eyes – Blue

Purse:  *Tea Time* Dark Bag (BDE)


Alon is wearing:

(Visit Fashion By Double A for more information soon)

Skin: Evian – Alejandro Medium
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep sky eyes (The Mens Depto – discounted item)
Hair: – Scott 2
Shirt: Sheep Door – Check Shirts Red (The Mens Depto – discounted item)
Pants: Shiki – Jeans 9 – Lavender
Shoes: BALACLAVA! – PAuse loafers (tonto) (The Mens Depto – discounted item)
Watch: chronokit – watch no.37 Lancelot Silver

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