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Tamelessly Hushed @ Annon, The Gate…

Wearing one of Sascha Frangilli’s newest called SAS Laitha!  Laitha is a little different because it can transform from a very sexy gown or mini dress to a dressy casual jumpsuit with a harem feel to it.  In these photos I was visiting Annon, The Gate and the surrounding area with soothing ambient sounds drifting past my ears along with the sound of water caressing the lush shore.  Such a glorious build.  It is moments like that in which I remember why I fell inlove with SL in the beginning.  It’s good to take a few minutes away from your normal haunts and routines in SL and go see something you haven’t seen before.

I would also like to show you some very pretty hairs I picked up from Tameless Hair and Avatars and the fresh-faced beautiful new releases of Hush Skins’ Emily and Fay.  Above I’m wearing Hush Fay and the gold version of SAS Laitha with the layered flexi skirt option and no shoulder piece.

The above elegant Tameless hair is called Roxanne, and I just love it.  I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like the shape of my avatar’s head (you’d think I’d change, huh?) but even though this style requires a good hairbase to pull it off, I enjoy the way the ponytail frames the back of the head.  Isn’t it nice?

Above I’ve chosen to wear the mauve version of Laitha with mini sculpt skirt option and the sexy trailing shoulder piece.  Laitha also comes with a slender belt that wraps around the waist a couple of times for those who like to wear belts.  I loved Tameless’ Roxanne so much that I bought the red shades also.

Another very pretty Tameless hair called Alma.  It flutters and bounces softly around the face with copious amounts of curls.  I’m wearing the jade version of Laitha here.  The shoes in these photos are HOC Industries Platform Pumps.  I chose them because I could change the colors.  I love that when I can change the colors on the shoes without having to buy the same shoe over and over!

And these last three photos are of the very new Hush skin called Emily.  It comes as six skin tones with multiple choices for makeup.  So pretty!


I am wearing:

Dress:  Sascha’s Designs SAS Laitha

Skins:  Hush Skins Fay in the first 3 photos, Hush Emily in the last 3

Hairs:  Tameless Hair & Avatar Roxanne in the first photos and Alma in the last photos

Shoes:  HOC Industries Platform Pump

Eyelashes:  Tameless Hair & Avatar Lashes 25

Earrings:  Jewelry by Jake Dalia Golden Earrings

Nails:  Izzie’s Metallic Classic Nails

Necklace:  Je Suis Sophistique

Eyes:  MOJO Blue eyes 108 Medium

All Poses:  Frozen Panty POSES by Takeshi Kiama!

On Location:  Annon, The Gate

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