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Mysteriously Waving in SAS FouFou

I suppose it’s a good thing you can’t actually forget how to blog.  It’s been way too long since I paid my own blog a visit because I’ve been so busy looking at a great many other blogs.  I’m not complaining though.  I do it because I sincerely love doing it.  My feeds are my passion.  And that brings me to one of my other passions….my lovely wife flame, who’s wearing another version of Sascha’s brand new FouFou creation in a few photos with me!

Alianna and flame in SAS Fou Fou 2

As I was mentioning on my Flickr account earlier today, I’ve been blogging for Sascha for a very long time and she’s always been very patient with my busy spurts when I’m unable to blog completely neglecting to kick me out of her bloggers group for inactivity.  And I say a heartfelt thank you for that Sascha Frangilli.  But you really must tame that alligator of yours in the store!

Alligator Eats flame

He apparently finds pretty women like my wife quite tasty! o.O

Alianna and flame in SAS Fou Fou 5

I am wearing SAS FouFou in Black, the pants version and flame is wearing FouFou in Silver, the skirt version.  You know how Sascha loves to give options when you buy her clothing.  We are wearing one of Nita Bracken’s very sexy updo’s, Tameless Shaniah.  And happily sporting Bax boots that never go out of style.  Below is a closer look at Shaniah, but I’m wearing a different hairbase than what comes with it.  The hairbase that flame has on is the one that comes with Shaniah.  I have on a hairbase that came with Miamai’s Loroi hair which is shown in a photo further down for the FouFou Pink photos.

Alianna and flame in SAS Fou Fou 3

FouFou comes in Black, Silver, Red, Brown, and Pink.  Below is a look at Red and an over-sized pair of glasses also created by Sascha.

Alianna in SAS Fou Fou 3

I often like to go out on location to art installations when I’m blogging and this time I decided to go and visit the Mysterious Wave installation that is in the Destination Guide.  I figure if it makes it to the Destination Guide, it’s a worth a look see and I wasn’t at all disappointed.

Mysterious Wave 2Mysterious Wave 3I was wearing SAS FouFou Pink, skirt version, when I visited and Miamai Loroi complete with pretty flowers.

Alianna in SAS FouFou 1

The art installation has a lot going on with a working animal carousel, a beautiful rainbow, a young girl captured mid hopscotch game, and more!  If you enjoy art in Second Life, I highly recommend paying it a visit.

Alianna in SAS FouFou 3


Pant & Skirt Suits:  Sascha’s Designs – SAS FouFou (Black, Silver, Red, Pink versions)

Hair:  Tameless Shaniah (Black and Auburn) & Miamai Loroi (Black)

Skins:  Belleza Ava and on flame Dream Ink’s Amaris

Nails:  Bamboo Nails Darker Start and Spring Peach

Earrings on me in first photos:  Zibska Placide

Necklace and earrings in last photos:  JCNY Johanna Collection, Diamond & Pearl (Multi-Pearl)

Lipstick in the last photos:  Fishy Strawberry Kokeshi Gloss (Shocking Pink)

Earrings on me in FouFou Red photo:  Maxi Gossamer Tokoyo Tears (Black)

Sunglasses:  Sascha’s Designs SAS FouFou Sunglasses (Black)

Boots:  Bax Cohen Designs – On me Prestige Black Suede and On flame Ankle Boots Black

Couples Poses and other poses except FouFou Pink:  Pose+ivity

Singles Poses FouFou Pink photos:  *PosESioN*

Art Installation:  Mysterious Wave

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DE Designs Sweater Skirt, Vanity’s Sexy Kitten & The Portuguese Way

I want to share a couple of my new faves in this post:  DE Designs’ Sweater Skirt and Vanity Hair’s Sexy Kitten!

DE Designs Sweater Skirt 4


I picked up this beautiful skin at The Arcade, Glam Affair’s Candy – America 07 gacha.  The already red lips are the perfect shade for the red version of Doc’s Sweater Skirt.

DE Designs Sweater Skirt 2

This mesh ensemble comes as one piece, the comfortable sweater with sleeves that fully drape over the wrists and a black mini-skirt that converts the outfit to classically sexy by showing an intriguing amount of leg.

DE Designs Sweater Skirt 5

Unless you decide to cover up your legs with Bax’s Regency Black Leather boots (another major favorite of mine) as I’ve done above.  Or below with bitch. Grey Pinstripe Casual Baggy Pants.  There are several colors of the Sweater Skirt to choose from and I found I was rather fond of the Grey version too.  Blacks and greys suite my mood a good majority of the time.


DE Designs Sweater Skirt 1

I was in the mood to explore and I often wander off to art installations when I can find the time.  I enjoy them very much.  Artists4SL is a wonderful place to view the works of many talented artists all in one place.  On this excursion, I switched to Bax’s Foxy Boots with cuffs that you can see just peeking out from beneath the cuffs of my bitchy baggy pants. The color-changing black pearls around my neck, with accompanying ring are from Lazuri.  And I find I’m still attached to fingernails (Bamboo Nails here) that are not Slink because I have not yet mastered my mesh hands.  I’ll get there!

LEA 19 The Portuguese Way 2

And before I let you go, I wanted to mention that The Portuguese Way has opened over on LEA 19.  It’s like an authentic stroll through the Portuguese countryside.  I think I must have been an owner of a horse ranch or something in a previous life because I adore horses abnormally so for one who’s only ridden a couple of them at girl scout camp.  Me and my new friend above at The Portuguese Way, including a few more pictures of what you can find there below.  But my pictures don’t do it justice, so please go see!

LEA 19 The Portuguese Way 1

LEA 19 The Portuguese Way 6

LEA 19 The Portuguese Way 7


I am wearing:

Sweater & Skirt:  DE Designs – Sweater Skirt (Red & Grey)

Hair:  Vanity Hair: Sexy Kitten in Black

Skin:  Glam Affair - Candy – America 07 (Gacha @ The Arcade)

Boots:  Bax Boots – Foxy Black Leather

Necklace & Ring:  Lazuri – Classic Pearls

Nails:  Bamboo Nails – Natural Reverse French

Pants:  bitch. @ Rustica – Casual Baggy Pants in Grey Pinstripe (Currently @ The Men’s Department)

Eyes:  Orage Creations – Showgirl Eyes in Blue

Locations:  Artists4SL & LEA 19′s The Portuguese Way

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New bitch. Baggy Pants, Arcade Fun & Soho Market

I am enjoying the bitch. version Casual Baggy Pants and you can too, even if you’re male because there are bastard. versions as well!  Both can be found this round of The Men’s Department and in this post I’m feeling playful with Piper Plaid.

bitch piper plaid 2

Finally having made it to this month’s Arcade, I picked up lots of fun gachas, some of which I’ve paired with my very cool Piper Plaid pants.  The boots are Color.Me.H.O.F. Mesh Rider Boots, red gacha, and I picked up this adorable ur.favorite.one doll friend, huggie dori.  He’s been helping keep me company while my wife is away tending to her real life duties.

bitch piper plaid

The refreshingly soft skin I’m wearing is a Skinnery gacha, Alice 6, and I found this IAF fringed and beaded sheer top at Soho Market.  Below is a closer look at Alice and I’m wearing Tameless Hair’s recent popular release, Pippa.  I am among the many who couldn’t resist!

bitch piper plaid 3

I’ll have more of the bitch. Casual Baggy Pants, coming up with more Arcade wins and DE Designs newness!

bitch piper plaid 4


I am wearing:

Pants:  bitch. @ Rustica – Casual Baggy Pants in Piper Plaid (currently at The Men’s Department)

Top:  IAF Sheer Beaded Fringe Top in Black (currently at Soho Market)

Boots:  Color.Me. House of Fox – Mesh Ride Boots in Red (Gacha @ The Arcade)

Doll:  ur.favorite.one – My Sitting Doll Friends Huggie Dori (Gacha @ The Arcade)

Skin: The Skinnery – Alice 6 Toffee (Gacha @ The Arcade)

Hair:  Tameless Hair – Pippa in Black

Earrings:  Zibska – Placide

Nails:  Bamboo Nails – Red Fishnet

Eyes:  Orage Creations – Showgirl Eyes in Blue

Poses:  Flowey Poses

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Have it Smokey or Spicey – GCD SoHo

I am looking forward to some relief from these hot, hot days!  The Fall is looming and with that comes a shift in our wardrobes.  Gwen Carillon Designs now offers this cozy, but terribly sexy mesh sweater called SoHo.

GCD SoHo Smoke 1

SoHo comes in Smoke (shown above) and Spice (shown below) with a choice of jeans or tights.  Both the tights and the jeans look great paired with Bax’s Regency Boots.   Well, the Regency boots actually look fantastic with a great many outfits, don’t they!  Instant love.  In the photo above, I wandered to an art installation on the Rosas sim that I found fascinating with its soothing sky and glowing geometric whites.  I realized during a recent real life trip to a wildlife petting zoo in the Honduras that I’m fond of birds!  So this cutie caught my attention at the installation and I thought I’d capture a picture of him and I hanging out.  I’ll admit I don’t know if the bird is really a “he” but looks male to me!

GCD SoHo Spice 2

And then I wandered over to the Mysterious Wave art installation on The Dark Swamp sim and basked in all its glory.  I was in a soft blue mood it seems.  And it was most fitting sweater weather at both of the sims.  With my change of installations also came a switch over to the Spice version of SoHo with jeans instead of tights.   Without Tameless’ gorgeous Shakira draped over my shoulder in the picture above, you can see the exposed shoulder that is one of the best features of GCD SoHo.

GCD SoHo Spice 1

Spice is deeply vibrant in color while being muted enough not to be startling on the eyes.  I mean, if you’re laying next to a hearth fire on a cold night, you wouldn’t want to be wearing abrasive colors.  I’ve complimented Spice with Vanity Hair’s Minuet and Lazuri’s Noor Natural Spectacular earrings that can be changed via hud into three very different styles from Simple, Simple3, to Grand.

GCD SoHo Spice 3

There was one other art installation that I went to go see the other day that I wanted to mention also.  The LEA11 sim that currently houses Musiclandia.  I was wearing SoHo Spice with Liv Glam jeans and my Slink mesh feet with Tameless Shakira in jet black instead of white like above.

GCD Sweater 3

It’s a giant piano done in aged bricks with a staircase made of instruments.  So cool!  You don’t realize that’s what it is when you first arrive because the buildings look quaintly normal.



I am wearing:

Sweater, tights, & first pair of jeans:  Gwen Carillon Designs – GCD SoHo (Smoke & Spice)

Last cuffed pair of jeans:  Liv Glam – Boutique [Summer 13] Kilian Tunic Outfit

Hair:  Tameless Hair – Shakira (White & Midnight)  & Vanity Hair – Minuet (Jet Black)

Boots:  Bax Coen – Regency Boots (Black Leather)

Earrings:  Lazuri – Noor Natural Spectacular (Simple3 and Grand)

Mesh Eyes:  FATEeyes v2.0

Nails:  MStyle – Long Rounded Perfect Nails

Teeth:  Tameless – Teeth Alpha

Mesh Feet:  Slink – Women’s Natural Barefeet

Poses:  oOo Studio & The Muse Poses

Locations:  Rosas, Mysterious Wave, Musiclandia

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GCD Ciel du Soir Love Donna Flora Ending Today

Blogging is surely like riding a bike. I’ll remember how to do it after I’ve typed a couple of sentences, right? While I was taking pictures in Gwen Carillon’s newest creation, Ciel du Soir, I was thinking it’s really no wonder virtual modeling has such a pull on some of us. We’re able to wear some of the most magnificent items that might not be so easy to acquire in our real lives. But more and more I am finding it difficult to separate Second Life from my real life the way I used to be able to do. It seems to merge way more frequently now than it ever did before. In this post, I also want to share some of the items I picked up at Love Donna Flora, and encourage any others who haven’t gone yet to please go take a look and spend some money before it ends later today. There are so many wonderful things to pick up and your purchases will go to aid one who is dear to our community. It is things like the fundraiser for Squinternet that brings it home how much of a community we really are (despite the many differences/disagreements/likes and dislikes that crop up amongst us) and that this really isn’t just a “game.”

Love Donna Flora 4

Standing on the Surreal Effects sim, I swished about in Ciel. It is a stunning, sultry, and classic, black gown that Gwen painstakingly created layer by layer. Above and each picture below, I’m sporting poses that can be found at Love Donna Flora, contributed by oOo Studio. The skirt of the gown appears to be moving because it was, graceful waves that slowly drift down to surround your ankles as you walk, and most especially if you’re dancing. Below is a partial look at the very sexy back.

Love Donna Flora 3

At Love Donna Flora, I picked up this fabulous hair from Tableau Vivant called Larnia in Equinox. It comes with a very pretty rose hair accessory in multiple colors. White Widow Merle eye tattoos (found at LDF) adorn my face and the precious sparkling jewels around my neck are Lazuri’s contribution to LDF called Maysoon. It is color-changing and just amazing. Below is a closer look.

Love Donna Flora 1

Below is a look at Nailed It’s Gemstone set of nail polish for Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands. The Gemstone set is not the one Giela created for the Love Donna Flora event though, there is another there that you can pick up and help Squinternet at the same time. I’m sure you’ll love them!

Love Donna Flora 2

I am not very good at putting on my Slink Mesh hands yet. I have such trouble and much of that is because I just can’t make myself read every ounce of instruction. My attention span is too short to make it all the way through the instructions and I’m likely leaving out some crucial part that makes them all fall into place looking smooth and elegant as they are intended to look. But hopefully you can see how pretty the nails are! Ciel du Soir comes with extremely sexy bra and panties as well as some other options that I don’t show here. If your curiosity is piqued, I’ve included a taxi to GCD below. Hurry to Love Donna Flora, it ends today!

Teleport to Love Donna Flora Here


I am wearing:

Gown: Gwen Carillon Designs – GCD Ciel du Soir

Lipstick: {AIMI} – Ruby Woo

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Larnia Equinox @ Love Donna Flora

Necklace & Earrings: Lazuri – Maysoon @ Love Donna Flora

Eye Tattoos: White Widow – Merle in Black @ Love Donna Flora

Eyelashes: [glow] Studio – Innocent Eyelashes Gentle

Eyes: Orage Creations – *OC* Showgirl Eyes Blue

Shoes: [Gos] Pimp Your Pumps V3 – Point Platform

Mesh Hands: Slink – Avatar Enhancement Hand Elegant

Nail Polish: Nailed It! - Gemstone set

All Poses: oOo Studio @ Love Donna Flora

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